The easiest way to make video interactive.

Hellosaurus Creator Studio enables anyone to make any content interactive, leading to more experiences for kids to enjoy.

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It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1

Instantly Add Interactivity.

Simply upload a video and add a template to immediately create hands-on activities that activate the multi-touch screen, camera, microphone, and motion sensors.

Step 2

Customize the Activity.

Hellosaurus Creator Studio takes the complexity out of interactive video editing with its visually intuitive experience that allows users to edit directly within the video.

Drag and drop elements anywhere within the video to build complex interactions without code.

Upload and manage images and sound effects, or choose from thousands of free stock assets.

Leverage the side panels for global settings and more complex adjustments.

When you’re ready, toggle to Preview Mode to test your activities in real time.

Step 3

Manage and Publish.

Use the Hellosaurus CMS to organize, customize, and publish interactive videos to the award-winning Hellosaurus app or anywhere with our interactive embeddable player.

Upload, manage, organize, and edit video content all in one place.

Customize app and embaddable player appearance.

Publish to any website or app with our interactive embeddable player.

Start creating the future of video.

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