World By Charlie

National Geographic host Charlie Engelman answers your most pressing questions with the help of some awesome animals.

Ages 2+

5 Interactive Stories

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Stink Bugs by World By Charlie

Stink Bugs

8 mins

What makes stink bugs stink and why do they do it? Let's use the scientific method to find out!

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8 mins

How far can penguins dive? Do they eat cupcakes? Zoologist Charlie will answer all your pressing penguin questions.

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Penguins by World By Charlie
The Immortal Jellyfish by World By Charlie

The Immortal Jellyfish

11 mins

Woah! This jellyfish can live forever, but how? Investigate this awesome animal with Charlie.

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7 mins

Charlie will walk us through why geese fly in a V. Will learn about air currents, vortexes, and teamwork!

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Geese by World By Charlie
Flowers by World By Charlie


10 mins

A magic garden of talking flowers will explain the evolutionary advantage of closing their petals at night.

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