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What is Spy School on Hellosaurus?

Think if Q from James Bond taught Kindergarten. Each episode Ms. Rachel (code name Agent R) along with her Jr. Agents hone their skills to solve the mystery of the day! A secret code? No problem, we use literacy skills to crack the message. Something missing? Through keen observation and problem solving activities we’ll figure it out! While mysteries are a staple of each Spy School episode, class wouldn’t be complete without disguises, stealth sneaking, and songs!

Meet the Creator

Ms. Rachel, AKA Agent R

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After ten years in the classroom Rachel Giannini is swapping normal everyday school for super secret Spy school on Hellosaurus! It’s kinda like normal school but better, because who doesn’t want to be a spy?

"Spy School is made for Hellosaurus! Learning is not a spectator event, children learn best and retain knowledge when they are physically engaged and having fun! Hellosaurus provides children with a hands on connected experience that they can access anytime. Hellosaurus makes learning active, fun, and I'm thrilled that Spy School has found the perfect home! " -Ms. Rachel, Agent R and Creator of Spy School on Hellosaurus!

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