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UPGRADE: Hellosaurus has a new look!

Our mission to reimagine screentime for kids everywhere has expanded our product design and in-app experience for optimization in discoverability, independent play, and shared knowledge about the crucial learning benefits and core skills every child develops on Hellosaurus. Download the latest version of Hellosaurus to explore a suite of intentional upgrades, features, and impactful interactive learning experiences at your fingertips.

After hours of play-testing Hellosaurus kids, our team of designers, engineers, and early childhood experts rallied to optimize Hellosaurus in foundational NEW ways!

Meet Today's Play!

NEW Today's Play on Hellosaurus!

Open Hellosaurus to discover a curated feed of our latest interactive stories, NEW collections sorted by theme, and NEW series from award-winning creators, educators, and characters. TODAY'S PLAY serves as more than just a 'For You Page' and connects families easily and quickly to MUST PLAY age-appropriate content with one scroll.

Explore The Library!

NEW Mobile Library Tab on Hellosaurus!

Gain UNLIMITED ad-free access to Hellosaurus' library of interactive mobile content sorted and organized to serve parents wanting to cue up content for their little ones and children searching for their favorite faces of creators they know and love. Families can now search 100+ interactive series from A-Z to unlock the perfect story for this play moment.

Foster a lifelong love of learning and spark new passions and interests during your little’s critical early developmental years by sorting through our mobile library of interactive content by learning topics curated by our team of educators!

🤗 Social-Emotional Learning 🎨 The Arts 🔢 Math 🎼 Music 🧪 Science & Technology 📚 Language & Literacy 🌼 Nature 🏅 Sports & Wellness

Unlock the Details!

NEW Series Detail Page Dive deeper into the learning benefits of each story with featured topics and skills! Hellosaurus not only provides active and engaging play experiences but each story is enriched with learning goals to help kids thrive at home, in the classroom, on the playground, and beyond!

Learn 50+ future-ready skills while developing positive character traits alongside great characters!

🤗 Boost your child’s empathy! 💡 Nurture your child’s honesty! 🎨 Foster your child’s creativity! 🔭 Grow your child’s curiosity! ✨ Spark your child’s individuality! 💪 Inspire your child’s courage!

BONUS: Unlock additional offline resources to extend your learning into everyday experiences with play plans, prompts, and projects inspired by Hellosaurus stories.

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